Cults Surrounding Man Hee Lee

Below I go into detail about Man Hee Lee’s experience with other sects in Korea, the similarities between the sects he was either directly or indirectly involved with, and how the different sects eventually heavily influenced the teachings of SCJ.

Man Hee Lee claims to be the “One who overcomes” and has eaten the “open scroll” all according to scripture. Without looking at his past involvement with other sects, it almost seems convincing since his teachings appear to be new and refreshing. However, when looking at the history of Man Hee Lee, one can come to a reasonable conclusion that the statement of Man Hee Lee truly receiving the “Open word” from an Angel of Jesus is simply not true since many of his core foundational teachings can be found in the previous sects that he was either directly or indirectly involved with.

Before starting Shincheonji and becoming the “Promised Pastor”, Man Hee Lee was involved with multiple other cults that helped shape his viewpoint of the world, and the way that he teaches the bible.

Teachings from Olive Tree Movement: (1957-1967)

Park, the leader of the Olive Tree Movement, had many similar teachings to Shincheonji:

Issues with the Olive Tree Movement:

After leaving the Olive Tree movement, Man Hee Lee then joined the Tabernacle Temple.

Teachings from the Tabernacle Temple

Issues with the Tabernacle Temple:

  • The leader of the Tabernacle Temple came out from another sect, the Hosang Prayer group
    • The leader was involved in a sexual scandal.
  • Preached that the world was going to end on a specific date, and when it didn’t happen,
  • The sect was sued and prosecuted due to corruption

Teachings from Baek’s Sect, 1978:

One of the 7 messengers, Baek (aka Solomon) defected from the Tabernacle Temple and started his sect where Man Hee Lee also followed.

Issues with Baek’s Recreation Church:

  • Baek claimed that the world was going to end in 1980.

While being actively involved with the various sects, there was another “Counselor” and “Advocate” who also made very similar claims to what Man Hee Lee stated, years before the foundation of Shincheonji.

The Advocate Koo-In-Hoo (1976)

Koo-In-ho, the Second Advocate of Christ, the below video goes into detail about the teachings of this “Advocate on behalf of Jesus”, and of course, one can see the many similarities that Man Hee Lee also claims as well.

Similarities between Koo In-ho and Man Hee Lee:

  • In 1976, there was another who also claimed to be the “advocate” on behalf of Jesus.
  • Claimed that he had the hidden revelation from Jesus
  • Both joined and left the Olive Tree movement
  • Both joined the Tabernacle Temple
  • Both received a special mission from God and Jesus
  • He opened the book and 7 seals
  • able to interpret the different pairs of the Bible and secrets.
  • “Second Advent Jesus Church”
  • Son of man coming in the clouds -> Jesus coming to a flesh (similar explanation as to the WMSCOG)
  • Spreading the new gospel will bring peace on earth
  • Both claim to be the “counselor in flesh”
  • Judgment: kings of the world (pastors) will be judged, similar to SCJ
  • Counselor: The one who received the word of Revelation.

Whether Man Hee Lee was directly involved (Olive Tree Movement, Tabernacle Temple, Baek’s Recreation Church), or indirectly involved or influenced by Koo In-ho, we can see many similarities between what SCJ teaches today, and what MHL’s previous sect involvements preach as well.

For someone who was “guided by the Holy Spirit”, isn’t it a bit strange that Man Hee Lee followed many blind guides that either turned out to have failed prophecies or corruption?

And isn’t it strange that he also is using many of the same teachings from these failed sects for his revealed word?